When to Call a Plumber in Geelong for Your Blocked Toilet

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Few things can ruin your day more than a blocked toilet, especially if a clog only worsens when you try to plunge it. However, there’s no need to panic when your toilet is backed up. All you need to do is call a plumber available in Geelong from AWDW Plumbing & Gasfitting to find a swift solution for your emergency plumbing needs.

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While a blocked toilet can feel like an embarrassing issue, it’s far more common than you may think. As toilets vary greatly by make and manufacturer, there is a myriad of reasons for why one might clog or back up. Some of the more common causes, however, include issues such as too much toilet paper or non-plumbing safe items flushed down the toilet (such as sanitary napkins) or a low flow system that has been overtaxed and needs replacement. Hard water deposits can also result in blockages. It is also possible that your blocked toilet may be the result of a problem further down the pipe, such as a sewer line blockage that must be professionally snaked to resolve.


Whatever is behind your blocked toilet, a Geelong-area plumber from AWDW Plumbing & Gasfitting is available to help. Instead of fighting with the plunger or attempting DIY fixes that may make your existing situation worse, be sure to give us a call for upfront quotes and timely service. In many cases, we can provide same day service in Geelong and surrounding suburbs, including Bellarine and Torquay. For these or any other plumbing concerns, simply contact us and we will be happy to respond.

When to Call a Plumber in Geelong for Your Blocked Toilet